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Create More Market Presence at a Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Marketing!

Guaranteed results at about a penny an impression!

Be Top Of Mind 

Tag re marketing ensures that you are top of mind when your website visitors make a decision to buy or sell. We do this by having your banner ads show up on their website wherever they go on the internet.

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How It Works

When your website visitors go to your website to look at what you have to offer, their computers will be tagged with a special script that we build it into your website. Your ads will then be presented to them wherever they go as they make their way around the Internet. 

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The Perfect Swarm

When you are marketing a business or service people like to work with or buy from people that they like, know and trust. As part of your relationship building strategy it is important to become familiar within your market. 

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To Get More Informaion On Leads Management Campaigns Watch The Video Below 

Change your business forever...

In this video, we will cover some of the important features of online and off-line leads management.


Many people consider themselves marketers but they do not want the hassles of setting up and managing the technology side of things.


That is where we come in, we will manage your Google, Bing and Yahoo Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, set up your banners ads, build out your video ads and run your Facebook campaigns.


All part of your Perfect Swarm marketing system!


Capture, Nurture and Convert More Leads

Turn more leads into clients when you use the built-in marketing and lead management tools with SellingToolz integrated CRM:

  • Email lead alerts
  • Prospect groups
  • Automated email campaigns
  • Predictive marketing
  • Instant listing presentations
  • Print and web brochures
  • Open house notifications
  • Activity tracking
  • Custom web forms
  • Reports and analytics

Happy Clients

What our clients say about us

  • Holy magoaly 5 new leads in 1 & 1/2 days. they all seem really interested which is awesome. I just hope we can keep up with them. Thank you James. 

    Dawn Setter
  •  James lives near me and I know him I have used it for 3 years. Very bright guy. You can take in other agents and then take a piece of their business. You track it. It has paid for itself and always made money. I have just taken an office in the building and am building a team ... one agent at a time. The system keeps evolving and it us really getting better all the time... ahead of the curve. Give him a call or email..... cheers Greg

    Gregory Galbraith
  •  The thing I like most about Advance Websites with Selling Toolz, beyond the fact that it is a very responsive lead generation system, is that he can have his leads funneled directly into Top Producer using the third-party CRM Technology that the Advance Websites system offers. I also like that his listings are automatically uploaded to the website and displaying to his website visitors minimizing the amount of time managing listings on the site. As well as the fact that we are able to display thousands of listings on our Advance Website where our clients can set up and manage their own searches making our premier branded website their go to source for our clients and prospects. 

    Rob Golfi
  •   The entire system works awesome, I love it and like that we can easily integrate it with Top Producer for our mail programs.

    Goran Todorovic
  •  The SellingToolz lead generation system has proven to be easy to work with and very effective. I like the fact that James was able to synchronise my system with SellingToolz, so that every new lead goes straight to my CRM. I have worked with James for over two years and I have to say it was the best business production investment that I have made. I highly recommend this service.

    Tom Smok
  •  Sellingtoolz.com increased my internet lead sales productivity from <1% to almost 10% in one year.  This represented an increase in number of new sales, not simply a shift in the numbers.

    Tony Joe
  •  I highly recommend James Osmar and the SellingToolz system but you need to have systems in place to follow up the many leads you will get. He manages the Gold Rush Internet Leads and manages our Google Pay Per Click leads which is an extra cost for whatever Google charges which for me is about $400 per month and we generate about 150 leads per month. 

    Thomas Bagogloo
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